the plague doctors mask may be made of wood but his soul is made of shadows,his skin is made of feathers & his mind is made of disease.


If a tree falls

At Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park massive a large Joshua Tree is symmetrically felt apart into branches. In the moonlit sky stars of the Big Dipper are in the middle top and Polaris, the North Star, is at the upper right.

Image credit & copyright: Dennis Mammana


Anish Kapoor - Blood (2000)

"The difference between a Not Writer and a Writer is the difference between someone who *could* write and someone who *does*. A Not Writer is someone who experiences blocks and obstacles and timing issues and lets them prevent him or her from actually writing. A Not Writer may certainly be creative, insightful and capable of writing lyrical prose, but most of the time they’re too busy Not Writing to get any Writing done. That’s such a shame, such a waste, and that’s the reason I so often deploy Tough Love upon those who ask for advice."

Alex Vance considers the problem of the Not-Writer, a fine addition to our ongoing archive on writing.  

The daily routines of famous writers should leave little doubt that the single most important skill in writing is the art of showing up.

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Frosty night by WingsRazor. View it at http://ift.tt/1ieIWvu


Original poster by Drew Struzan

Original poster by Drew Struzan


Original poster by Drew Struzan